Flow of Electricity in L-R circuits

  1. An inductance 2 henry (H) and a resistance 20 ohms (Ω) are connected in series with emf E volts (V). If the current is initially zero when t=0, find the current at the end of 0.01 seconds if E=100V
  2. The L-R series circuit differential equation acted on by an electromotive force E sin(omega)t satisfies the differential equation L di/dt+Ri = E sin(omega)t. If there is no current in the circuit initially, obtain the value of current at any time ‘t’
  3. A voltage E e^ (-at) is applied at t=0 to a circuit of inductance L and resistance R. Show that the current at any time ‘t’ is E/(R-aL) [e^ (-at)-e^ (-Rt/L)] given that the current is initially zero when t=0


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